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Our main focus is to develop our very first game, Ausma. Ausma is a top-down sci-fi action game telling the story of a post-apocaliptic world dominated by strange and incredible powerful machines. Our hero, with the ability to swap between dimensions, is going to try to stop the machines and restore humanity.

We are currently on a very early development stage. You can check the progress in our Youtube Channel


Ausma Studios - Game and interactive applications developer company founded in Santiago of Chile.

From the concept to MVP: Ausma takes your ideas and transforms them into a MVP using the latest technologies. We help you discover your world!


Milton Pulgar

CEO & Founder

Co-founder and programmer at Ausma Studios. He's been developing videogames oriented to tradictional experiences and virtual reality for educational, rehabilitation and entertainment areas. He loves games ever since played for first time Kirby on Nintendo Entertainment System. His favorite franchise is The Legend of Zelda. Also, he loves music especially the Jazz, Metal and Rap.

Javier González

CEO & Founder

Co-founder and programmer at Ausma Studios. For the last few years, he has been developing virtual reality and traditional experiences for educacional areas. Before that, he was the programmer behind Selknam Defense, a tower defense game currently published on Steam. Big fan of japanese rpg games like Persona or Final fantasy series.